Workshop #7 – Policy and Practice to Tackle Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

The final FAR SEAS Thematic Workshop in the series, ‘Policy and Practice to Tackle Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders‘ , was held as a 1-day on-site participatory event as part of the EUFASD 2022 conference in Arendal, Norway.

FAR SEAS invited and covered the participation of 42 participants – policymakers, multi-sectoral professionals and the scientific community – with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences, discussing barriers and solutions in carrying out national prevalence estimates of FASD, and effective policy and practice to reduce prenatal alcohol exposure in European contexts.

The workshop consisted of 2 consecutive and linked sessions:

  • Session 1 (morning): The population impact of FASD: Implementing large-scale prevalence of FASD studies
  • Session 2 (afternoon): Where we go next – Policy and practice to reduce the risk and prevalence of FASD

Outputs include a peer-reviewed scientific summary; presentations introducing the evidence and on-going European initiatives and experiences; and a workshop report, including recommendations for research and policy at the national and European levels.


Please see the workshop programme here:

FAR SEAS-EUFASD workshop_Agenda